The Lightly Buzzed Podcast, Episode 001: Guaridans of the Galaxy, Doctor Who, Heroes Reborn


The Lightly Buzzed Podcast is back and it’s got an all new A la carte feel to it. In the first section Razor and Bandit talk about the new Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. Then Isis, Kellen, and Bandit delve into the Tardis with a burning question “Who was the worst Doctor Who villain?” Finally Razor lets us in on the rumors surrounding the return of Heros with NBC’s Heroes Reborn. Buckle up for over an hour of all things awesome with your weekly dose of the Lightly Buzzed Podcast.

media file for those on those Apple devices without flash:
Lightly Buzzed Podcast 001

We’ll be back with another Lightly Buzzed Podcast next week and we’re bringing back an old ‘Bandit Radio’ tradition… Dear Bandit. If you have a problem you want Bandit (me) to give you terrible terrible advice on, leave it for me in the comments.

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