Doctor Who: Matt Smith Isn't Keen on Sharing His Wife


During The New Orleans Comic Con Matt Smith revealed a conversation with Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat about his TV wife River Song (Alex Kingston). Matt shared his plea not to “share” River with new Doctor Peter Capaldi. Matt’s request would keep Alex Kingston from appearing on the show in the near future. Matt never mentioned if Moffat agreed to his request, but, I don’t think Matt has much to worry about a River-Doctor (Capaldi) romance. Moffat has stated he would be steering the Capaldi era into a darker direction. The show will be more in-line with the original Doctor Who. I think our new Doctor will be preoccupied trying to figure out how to free the Time Lords without starting another war. While I wouldn’t put it pass Moffat to bring back River for an episode or two to keep up her storyline. She wont play an integral part as she did in season six. We still haven’t seen the episode that takes River to the ‘‘Silence in the Library’ with David Tennant and which Doctor gives her a sonic screwdriver. I am sure Alex Kingston would come back to reprise her role in Doctor Who if her schedule allows. She is currently underutilized on the American TV superhero show Arrow as Dinah Lance and filming a movie this year. I am sure Kingston would find the time if Moffat were to call upon her services. I wasn’t much of a fan of the coupling of  River and the Doctor (Smith) but there’s no dispute, he will always be her husband and her Doctor.

How would you feel if River Song never was on Doctor Who again?

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