The Oscars: A Walk Down Memory Lane

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This Sunday, Ellen DeGeneres will host the 86th annual Academy Awards. People all over the world will be watching with baited breath, as the winner for best wardrobe is announced. Historically, my favorite movies don’t even get a second look from those snobs in the academy. I mean, come on…Happy Gilmore should have won the award for best picture in 1996; clearly Adam Sandler was robbed.
The Academy Awards have had some great winners in the past, but I’m not so sure a movie about a talking phone should be counted among the greats of Hollywood. Oh, calm down you hipsters, I’m sorry I offended your sensitive sensibilities. So, as you prepare to watch the Oscars this year, take a moment to walk down memory lane with the staff of Lightly Buzzed, as we share our favorite movies of yore.

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