'Airboarders' Hilarious Fake Movie Trailer

Remember the epic sports movies from the 80’s and 90’s? A young boy and his friends are just jumping dirt mounds and doing radical tricks at a local construction site when a BMX scout just happens to walk by. Then after a training montage these small time friends are making waves on the hugely popular national BMX circuit with fame and fortune… but that’s when it all goes wrong. Billy can’t handle the fame, he’s doing the drugs and it’s tearing the friends apart. Can they over come the obstacles and remain friends through it all?

‘Airboarders’ takes on this movie genre with the most exciting extreme sport ever. This is bound to set a trend with Americans angst filled teens.

I haven’t been touched by a film like this since Karate Kid. Now I can truly believe in myself and take on the world.

What was your favorite 80’s or 90’s sports movie? Let us know in the comments.

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