The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12 Preview "Still"

The Oscars may be on tonight, but that hasn’t deterred AMC from bringing us an all new episode of The Walking Dead. Tonight’s episode will follow everyone’s favorite white-trash hero, as he and Beth duck, dive, and dodge Walkers that are literally coming out of the woodwork. (Pun intended)


Pretty creepy, right? I’m not really sure why Daryl and Beth decide to wander through what looks like some sort of post-apocalyptic house of horrors, but one thing is for sure, this episode seems to be turning up the intensity. I wonder if “Still” is eluding to something more sinister, like be still or the Walkers will eat your face off if they find you.


What do you think will happen to Daryl and Beth? Is all this inner monologue from Beth, some sort of foreshadowing to her possibly taking a permanent dirt nap? I hope not, but one thing is for sure, Robert Kirkman isn’t afraid to go all George R. R. Martin on main character, so don’t get too comfortable. Regardless of what may, or may not happen to Beth, be sure to tune in to AMC tonight at 8pm CST for an all new episode of The Walking Dead.


Hey, while you’re here, tell me what your theories about the survivors are in the comments below.


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