2014 Oscars: Donald Trump hated it...all of it


People get excited about the Oscars. As such, people have strong reactions to the Oscars, whether it be the host, the dresses, or the awards themselves. When you think about the 2014 Oscars, the volume has been turned up on many of those reactions and opinions thanks to the power of social media. That can be great and it can be terrible, and sometimes it’s both.

Hey, speaking of social media and things that are great and terrible at the same time: Donald Trump treated his 2.53 million Twitter followers to his thoughts on the show in real time.

Yes folks, Donald Trump live-tweeted the 2014 Oscars…and he hated the show…all of it.

Hate category #1 – Donald is bored

Hate category #2 – Not impressed with this terrible, awful show

How terrible was it?

Certain people…you know who you are…for shame.

More like Donald the drama queen, amirite? 

Consider this carefully before you answer, kind reader, as it is a two part question.

Hate category #3 – the host

Hate category #3a – in which Donald ensures that he is still welcome as a guest on said host’s talk show

Hate category #3b – in which Donald offers a solution to the hosting predicament

Hate category #4 – Donald is officially disgusted

A tweet like that could only have been made better by an inadvertent “1” caused by a slip on the shift key…like this: !!!!!!1!!!!1!!!

In case you don’t internet much, the use of all capital letters means that the person is YELLING. When you add in those exclamation marks, the person is screaming bloody murder. So imagine Donald yelling AWFUL as loud as he possibly could as he thumbed out that tweet.

Who indeed, Donald. Who indeed?

Hate category #5 – ???

Hate category #6 – Donald cannot take it anymore

Yea but Donald, you’re missing a hash tag.

Much better.

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