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Jon “Greatjon” Umber is Head of House Umber, and Lord of the Last Hearth. Last Hearth is the northern-most castle before the Wall, and Castle Black. It is the seat of House Umber, and the Greatjon’s home. House Umber’s sigil is a roaring giant on a field of red, with broken silver chains on his wrists.


Jon is called the Greatjon because of his incredibly large stature, and to differentiate between him and his son, Smalljon. The Greatjon is described as close to 7 feet tall, well muscled, as well as loud and boisterous. He carries a two-handed great sword, that Bran Stark describes as the largest and ugliest sword he had ever seen.


House Umber is the loyal vassal of House Stark, and when Robb Stark called his father’s bannermen, in order to march on King’s Landing, the Greatjon answered the call. During the feast at Winterfell, when Robb made known his intentions, the Greatjon threatened to take his men and march home, because Robb would not give him a place in the vanguard.


At hearing the Greatjon’s threat to leave, Robb reminded him of his duty to his Liege-Lord, to which the Greatjon pulled his sword at made a threatening gesture toward Robb. Seeing this action, Robb’s direwolf, Grey Wind, jumped at the Greatjon, and bit off two of his fingers. As the Greatjon stood, holding his bloodied hand, he made a joke about this incident, and after that, Robb made Jon Umber, his champion. Some time after, when word reached the Stark host of Lord Eddard’s death, the Greatjon was the first to declare Robb Stark the King in the North.


In Season 3, the Greatjon attends the Red Wedding, where the Frey men attempt to get him so drunk that he could not defend himself. However, the Greatjon’s alcohol tolerance was such, that it took 8 men to subdue him, with one of those men dying in the process. The Greatjon’s son, Smalljon, was killed in the ambush.


Do you think we will see the Greatjon in season 4? What do think will become of him? Let me know in the comments below, and while you are there, tell me who you would like to see as the next countdown character.


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