The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12 'Still' Review


Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was different from what we are used to seeing. Instead of following several story-arcs in one episode, last night we stayed with just one, the Daryl and Beth story. Also, I’m pretty sure that Daryl was contributing to the delinquency of a minor, by letting Beth drink moonshine…but I’m not one to judge.

While I usually enjoy when an episode that features Daryl, because he is an anomaly in The Walking Dead universe (being that he wasn’t in the comics), last night’s episode left me unfulfilled, and quite frankly, disappointed. Sure, I can appreciate the need to delve deeper into the back story that is Daryl’s mysterious past, but if you are going to dedicate an entire hour to two characters, then you need a bit more of a reveal than what most people already assumed.

Whhhhaaaaat??? you mean Daryl wasn’t a high-powered Wall Street broker or some kind of independently wealthy philanthropist? You mean to tell me he was a white-trash loser before the Zombie Apocalypse? NO WAY!!

Now to be fair, my beautiful wife Melissa, really enjoyed the tender moment that Daryl and Beth shared at the white-trash palace in the woods, whilst imbibing their foraged White Lightning. However, I just stared blankly at the screen, coming to the sad realization that the 30 minutes used to flesh out Daryl’s back story (sans flashback scenes, by the way, which made it even worse) was 30 minutes of my life that I would never get back. And hey, I just turned 40, my time is fleeting and precious.

Was the episode a total waste? Absolutely not. There were some fantastically intense moments. for one, hiding in the trunk of a wrecked car, while an enter heard of Walkers stumble by, was immensely stressful. Also, Daryl and Beth’s adventure through the creepily abandoned country club was tense, and scary, and very well done.

One can’t help but think, that the same people who killed the rich folks in the country club, are going to come into play sometime soon. If you are wondering to what I am referring, on The Talking Dead, hosted by the extremely awesome and very talented Chris Hardwick, they discussed the fact that the Walkers that were hung by the neck, and the corpse of the woman, made to look like a mannequin (she had a sign on her chest that said “Rich Bitch”) were killed by the staff of the country club, in a class uprising of sorts.

All in all, I partly enjoyed last night’s episode, but I wasn’t too enthused by so much time being dedicated to a story-line that could have been explained in about 10 minutes. Perhaps the writers of the series are trying to set us up for a huge loss…usually, just when we get vested in a character, that character ends up dying horribly; only time will tell, I guess.

Here’s a sneak-peek into next week’s all new episode.


What did you think of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead? Let me know in the comments below.


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