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Maester Pycelle is a Grand Maester of the Citadel in Oldtown, one of Westeros’ largest and oldest cities. Maester Pycelle has served the crown for over 40 years, and yet his real loyalty lies with House Lannister.

It was Maester Pycelle who convinced King Aerys II (The Mad King) to open the gates of King’s Landing during Robert’s rebellion, thus allowing Tywin Lannister’s army to sack the capital city. Continuing his devious ways, Pycelle helped to hide Queen Cersei’s incest, by allowing Jon Arryn to die of poison.

When Tyrion Lannister arrived in King’s Landing as acting Hand of the King, he tested Pycelle to see if he could trust the Maester. Pycelle failed, and Tyrion had him thrown into the black cells beneath the Tower of the Hand. When Tyrion’s father arrived in King’s Landing, and relieved his son of his duty as Hand of the King, he released Pycelle, and reinstated him as Maester to the King, and Small Council.

How do you think Maester Pycelle’s story will play out in season 4? Let me know in the comments below, and while you’re there, tell me who you would like to see as the next countdown character.

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