Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode Titles Revealed

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News this week, coming from the Game of Thrones camp, has fans of the hit show excitedly chattering like a three eyed raven. Four episodes from the upcoming season 4, have been leaked, and being a Game of Thrones nerd myself, I’ve got to say that I am pretty excited.

I am going to break down each title, and give you my theories on what each one might mean. I will not give away any major spoilers for those of you who haven’t read the books, so save your death threats for Reddit or Facebook fan pages.


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  • Fabyen Robinson

    Seems like their sticking with the book so far. It’s about to be some shhhhhh!

    • Razorhog

      Yeah this season should be spot on action packed fantastic!

  • rexxxxxx46 .

    Love every single one of these and so looking forward to the season. Good explanations, just makes me so sad that Lord Stark is no longer with us when you mention him. I wish he could come back, and Robb.

    • Razorhog

      Thanks! Yeah, I am more sad about Robb than I was with Eddard. I really liked the idea of the North becoming their own kingdom again. In fact, when I read the actual Red Wedding from the book, I was waaaaay more shocked than when Lord Eddard got beheaded.