Game of Thrones: Catch the Throne Mixtape



Nope, that title is not a typo. HBO and Game of Thrones are hooking up with various rap artists to put out a rap mixtape, with the original soundtrack from the Game of Thrones series, as a back-drop. Honestly, I’m not sure how to take this information, and of course I’ll give it a listen before I pass judgment. Here is a YouTube video from Vibe, explaining just what in the heck is going on.


Now, there are some artists that I recognize, and actually enjoy music from. Big Boi and Common being the two names that I know. Others include, Wale, Daddy Yankee, Bodega Bamz, Tha Product, Snow, and Kilo Kush.


I get what HBO is doing here. They are trying to broaden their market share, and reach a demographic that traditionally wouldn’t think twice about watching a show with swords and dragons. I guess the day of being a nerd, and being proud that no one else knew what you were talking about, is slowly slipping away, one sick beat at a time.


The Catch a Throne mixtape is supposed to drop on March 7th. Will you be listening? Tell me what you think in the comments below.


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