World of Warcraft Throwback Thursday: Hogger


Back in the days of Vanilla WoW, a monster walked the shadows of Elwynn Forest, known to locals as, Hogger. Hogger was the king gnoll of Hogger Hill, who only the bravest of adventures could take on, and hope to best. A rite of passage for anyone wishing to venture passed the friendly borders of the Alliance’s home forest, the Hogger quest tested both the player’s will to live, and mental/physical acuity. Quite simply, Hogger was a beast.

Many guilds formed epic 40 man level 1 gnome raids on the Beast of Elwynn Forest, only to be thwarted by the boss gnoll’s evil henchmen that surrounded the ghastly Hogger Hill. If, and I do mean IF, a full raid group of level 1 gnomes were able to penetrate the boundaries of Hogger’s domain, then they would be presented with the bastard himself. One thing always held true, many gnomes would die in that valiant attempt, but if they stayed the course, and their bond was true, the day would be won, and Hogger would die…only to respawn again like 5 minutes later. What a dick.

Did you play Vanilla WoW? Did you cross paths with the Beast of Elwynn Forest, Hogger? Tell me about it in the comments below, and while you’re there, let me know who or what you would like to see as the next World of Warcraft Throwback Thursday.

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