A Song of Ice and Fire, Winds of Winter: Tyrion's PoV Paragraph

Like a crack dealer giving just enough of a free taste to hook his buyers, Random House has released a snippet of a paragraph from the upcoming book 6, in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin, Winds of Winter. Now, I will admit to being a George R. R. Martin junkie, I can’t get enough of his A Song of Ice and Fire universe. Martin is a master writer, who knows exactly how to stay relevant in the ever changing and fickle world of modern fantasy literature.

This particular snippet came from Entertainment Weekly, and Random House will be releasing the entire paragraph in Tyrion’s PoV later this month on the George R. R. Martin’s a World of Ice and Fire app, which I highly recommend you go and download right now, as it is the perfect companion for fans of the HBO series and fans of the books. Here is the afore mentioned snippet from Winds of Winter.



Somewhere off in the far distance, a dying man was screaming for his mother. “To horse!” a man was yelling in Ghiscari, in the next camp to the north of the Second Sons. “To horse! To horse!” High and shrill, his voice carried a long way in the morning air, far beyond his own encampment. Tyrion knew just enough Ghiscari to understand the words, but the fear in his voice would have been plain in any tongue. I know how he feels.


What did you think? Tired of waiting for Winds of Winter? Tell me all about it in the comments below.



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