The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 13 'Alone' Recap

I forgive you The Walking Dead. I forgive you for falling on your face for the past couple of episodes. I forgive you for spending an entire episode watching Beth and Daryl getting super emo, only to burn down a perfectly acceptable shelter. I forgive you for stupid mistakes, like Rick just handing over his only weapon and means of protection in a zombie apocalypse to his stupid son, who by the way, already had a gun of his own. I forgive you, because last night’s episode finally made up for getting my hopes up about this entire season (first and second half), then dashing them against the jagged rocks of subpar writing and unfulfilled hopes and dreams.


Last night’s episode ‘Alone’ finally lived up to what I now know, are near impossibly lofty expectations. Having not trusted Bob from the first episode of this season, it was nice to see a bit of a back-story for this guy. If I’m being honest, my theories for Bob ranged from a spy on the inside for the Governor, to a sicko who was feeding live rats to the Walkers. We now know that Bob didn’t know the Governor, and that Lizzie is a psychotic freak who kills baby rabbits…so Bob is off the hook, for now.


I like Bob, he’s a real guy, with real problems. At least Bob drinks responsibly. I mean, if you’re going to down an entire bottle of cough medicine, having the pressence of mind to hastily tie some sticks to your mud hut/abandoned mine shaft, is what I’d call a “high functioning alcoholic”.


This episode had some very intense moments, especially the Walkers in the fog attack. That scene was extremely well done, and for a moment, I was sure Bob had been bitten. Another scene that had me on on edge, was when the Walkers cornered Daryl in the mortuary. I wasn’t sure he was going to make it out of there, although, it was his fault in the first place. Who blindly opens a door in the zombie apocalypse? Hell, I don’t open my door without checking first, and there aren’t any flesh eating zombies trying to rip my face off…not that I know of.

The big questions left from the episode are: Who took Beth, and where did they go? Will Daryl revert to his former self, and become a ruthless member of the white-trash gang? Will Glenn and Maggie ever find each other? What is Terminus? And finally, WHAT THE F**K IS HAPPENING IN THIS TEASER FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE OH MY GOD WHY?

I appologize for the crappy video quality, until AMC releases a better version later this week, we have to depend on YouTube channels like this one. But anyway, what the heck is going on there? To me, it looked like Lizzie is running around in the front yard, while a Walker tries to get her, all the while, laughing. Also, notice the baby food jars on the counter. That tells me it’s some sort of house that Tyreese and Carol find. Here is a better quality preview for next week’s episode titled “The Grove”.

Oooof! Looks like we may be losing one of the girls, or possibly even Carol. Either way, I’m ready to lose another major character, because with only 3 episodes left, it’s past time that the writers crank up the death toll. What did you think of last night’s episode? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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