Which is the Killer, Current or Voltage?

Did you ever watch Mr. Wizard or Bill Nye the Science Guy?  Well Mehdi Sadaghdar is the grown up electric version.  Mehdi’s website ElectroBoom is dedicated to engineering of the electrical persuasion and is just a ton of fun.
Mehdi has some really fascinating posts ranging in topic from electrocution in water to building a safer firecracker.  In this video however he is settling the debate of what kills current or voltage? Mehdi manages to make the lesson both hilarious and educational.  I now feel prepared should such a question come up during trivia night or while watching ‘The Green Mile.’
I also love Mehdi’s simple and smart directions to his viewers “just learn by watching.”  No need to get yourself barbecued when you’ve already know what’s up.  If only Benjamin Franklin had someone to explain the possible consequences of his actions to him. I once attempted to build a molotov cocktail like I saw in an old war movie, several acres of Mississippi woods suffered for my foolishness.

Science is awesome.

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