Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot Teaser

This viral marketing ploy is a battle of man vs. machine.  It’s a modern John Henry vs the steam hammer, but without all the death and forced convict labor.


Timo Boll is a table tennis legend… well, that’s what Wikipedia is telling me.  I have to be honest my table tennis knowledge doesn’t run deep.  Although I’m no Forrest Gump I do enjoy the odd game of table tennis and can appreciate how incredibly difficult this simple game can be.  My skill level resides somewhere just below a house cat batting at the ball.


From what I’ve seen pro table tennis is not a joke.  Those guys go incredibly hard and incredibly fast. (TWSS) Table tennis may sound funny but there is no denying that it’s a sport.  This isn’t a curling competition.  So if German Timo Boll is a legend among those tiny tennis Jedi, then that man is serious.


KUKA makes robots, specifically robots which assist in manufacturing a multitude of products.  Most of this multitude are German and so I have no idea what they are… let’s assume they are Tiger Tanks.


Will The KUKA robot defeat the mighty Timo Boll? Or will Timo Boll put the Robot in its place and stave off the robot uprising for another day?  Right now all we have is the teaser, but we will find out the full story very soon.


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