Breakdown of the Ken Griffey Jr Interview Debacle on Sportscenter

Last week Ken Griffey Jr did a 2 minute spot on Sportscenter.  Let me tell you how this was supposed to go.  Linda Cohen was going to reminisce about “ye good ole days” with Jr.  He was going to talk about baseball and tie in baseballs cards since Upper Deck was PAYING him to do the interviews.  That is not how this stroll down memory lane went.  Watch it with me and I will be your guide through awkwardness and boredom.

0:07  Linda, we don’t care to hear about your pseudo relationship with Ken.  Let’s just get on with the commercial.
0:12 Jr looks like he forgot this is a TV interview.  The look on his face couldn’t be more dead if he were in a coffin.
0:25 This might be one of the dumbest questions that any professional could have asked.  If you didn’t know, Ken Sr was a star on the Big Red Machine teams.
0:37 Way to refuse to recognize how ridiculous you are.  “Besides your dad, was there someone you looked up to?  I mean who did you see as a father figure?  Anyone?  Just mention another player. Maybe someone that rhymes is Pillie Margell?”
0:49 I will go ahead and tell the audience that if this interview sucks its because of you and not my awesome insightful questions.
1:20 I think its great that of all the questions on Twitter the college intern production assistant found 2 that were practically the same.  And thanks Ken.  We needed to get that reassurance that just because you are past your prime, your ego is still set to 2004.
1:38 Jr must think he is talking to someone from or something.  Most remembered for your smile?  Come on.  Even though you’re drunk, come up with something better than that.
1:49 I did enjoy the insinuation that Linda Cohen never wants to talk to Ken again.  Ever.
Now to be fair, Jr had done 20 different interviews during that some time span and probably couldn’t see his interviewer.   ESPN was paid a ton of money to have a live commercial during Sportscenter. This was an SEC team playing a Sunbelt team.  All ESPN was looking for was a paycheck.  It doesn’t change the fact that it made the TV equivalent of a slow motion car crash, which we enjoy so much.


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