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The Justin Bieber Deposition

Cameras. Lights. Flashes. Bulbs.

The paparazzi, ya know that little ol’ TMZ , has done it again. They have footage of Justin Bieber’s deposition. And not just some footage, a good 4+ hours. Luckily for us they edited the released footage into little funny scenes. How nice of them… not that we need an excuse to chuckle at the Biebs.

The deposition footage relates to a case where “allegedly” The B told his bodyguard to beat up some dude. This of course leads to all kinds of crazy questions like: “Do you have a prescription for Xanax?” and “Are you with Selena Gomez?” Intriguing right? Mmmhmmm, my thoughts exactly.

While watching this interview however, I am struck by how well the B channels a young politician.  He’s got the entourage, the security team, the sloppy party habits, and hot arm candy. Reluctant, defensive, and sarcastic, with some awesome canned catchy responses like:

“Guess what, I don’t recall.”

“I don’t have to listen to anything you have to say.”

“Don’t ask me about her again.”

My ultimate favorite was the finger wag + toothy grin/wink. Next thing you know, he’ll be singing” Oh baby, baby, tax cuts oh”

The B for President 2016!

*** this advertisement was not endorsed by any political party, coffee barista, Lightly Buzzed staff member , small monkey, or drunk college kids***

Tell me what you think of his deposition, in the comments below.



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