Gandalf's Sword is in the Iron Throne From Game of Thrones

The Iron Throne on Game of Thrones is was made by Aegon I Targaryen of all the swords that were surrendered to him. The throne is said to be made of a thousand swords from a thousand defeated enemies. Well apparently one of those enemies was Gandalf the Grey.
The ever vigilant nerds over at Reddit (props to NoMoreHodoring) have found what appears to be the hilt of Gandalf’s sword Glamdring, in the great Iron Throne. (Thanks to Robert Whitaker for telling me the name of Gandalf’s sword.)
Maybe when Gandalf and Frodo sailed to West they ran into Westeros? Is Westeros just the white shores of the Lord of the Rings? Or is this just a funny joke from the prop department? (Thanks marshall_banana for correcting my East/West issue.)
If the prop department used Gandalf’s sword we’re willing to bet there are other famous blades in that throne as well.  Take a look just to the right of Gandalf’s sword and you’ll see what appears to be the hilt of Robin Hood’s sword “The King of the Forest.”
Can you find any other famous blades in the Iron Throne? Let us know if you see any more in the comments below.

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