Gandalf’s Sword is in the Iron Throne From Game of Thrones

The Iron Throne on Game of Thrones is was made by Aegon I Targaryen of all the swords that were surrendered to him. The throne is said to be made of a thousand swords from a thousand defeated enemies. Well apparently one of those enemies was Gandalf the Grey.
The ever vigilant nerds over at Reddit (props to NoMoreHodoring) have found what appears to be the hilt of Gandalf’s sword Glamdring, in the great Iron Throne. (Thanks to Robert Whitaker for telling me the name of Gandalf’s sword.)
Maybe when Gandalf and Frodo sailed to West they ran into Westeros? Is Westeros just the white shores of the Lord of the Rings? Or is this just a funny joke from the prop department? (Thanks marshall_banana for correcting my East/West issue.)
If the prop department used Gandalf’s sword we’re willing to bet there are other famous blades in that throne as well.  Take a look just to the right of Gandalf’s sword and you’ll see what appears to be the hilt of Robin Hood’s sword “The King of the Forest.”
Can you find any other famous blades in the Iron Throne? Let us know if you see any more in the comments below.

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  • Colonel Billingsworth

    “The Iron Thrown on Game of Thrones” Nice typo in the first sentence, some real quality blogging going on here guys. YOU EVEN SPELLED IT RIGHT IN THE SAME SENTENCE, HOW DUMB ARE YOU?

    • jnn

      dont be such a fucking geek.

      • Colonel Billingsworth

        Fuck you, this is the internet and I can criticize any retard I want.

        • dickface1234554321

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        • Am I Free?

          I would like you to begin with yourself as you are #1 on the National Retard List and have a million dollar bounty.

    • Am I Free?

      Are you that dense to realize that the throne was made by throwing iron (throwing swords) together to make the THRONE? It is called a pun or a play on words. You dumb fucking internet troglodyte.

      See how THROWN and THRONE sound the same? Or maybe you uneducated….

      The best part about this comment is how four other idiots agree.

      • disqus_nluB7Zn9Bc

        Billingsworth more than likely also think he’s too good to read the novels and just sticks to the tv show. Chalk this up to nothing more than some moron overcompensating for his sad physical existence, unable to escape the cycle of Doritos, Mountain Dew and self indulgence in an alternate internet personality. END RANT

      • ChassMasterPlus


        • Ignacio

          I’d just like to say that this goes both ways, Billingsworth for bringing it up in the first place, but others for trying to attack his grammatically correct statement (proven by the editor). The real question is… who f**king cares? And secondly, why all the internet anger and rage? Chill out everybody

          • Bandit Ref

            Never underestimate people’s ability to get super mad about super ridiculous things.

          • Kathrin Irgendwas

            amen to that, dude :)

          • ChassMasterPlus

            *your mother

          • ChassMasterPlus

            Also, you apparently care enough to go on a melt about it

      • Bandit Ref

        I wish I could say you were right and I did it on purpose… I just made a typo. :/

    • wtfrudoing

      Quit being a douche

    • monkeybassturd

      Let me proof read / edit your comment:
      First, there should be a comma after your close parentheses. Second, there is no grammatical reason to capitalize the N in nice. Third, you need a period after the word sentence to avoid run on sentences. Fourth, you need to capitalize the S in some. Fifth, real should be changed to really to reflect its adverb form in describing the adjective quality. Sixth, your entire last sentence is grammatically incorrect since it is in alll capitals. Seventh, you did not double space after your period. Eighth, the word right should be replaced with correctly becuse, I can only assume, you are trying to converse in English. Ninth, you need a period after sentence again (please see edit number three). This seems to be an issue with your posting. I am not sure if you think your sentence is complete just because you type the word sentence.
      Nine errors in two sentnces complaing about errors is a pretty remarkable accomplishment.

    • Michael273

      Colonel Billingsworth, you’re SUCH a loser!

  • Robert Whitaker

    Sword’s name is Glamdring.

    • Bandit Ref

      Noted above, thanks man.

  • chonkyfire

    I’ve never actually taken the time to comment on anything but reddit before, and I’ve only done that like three times, so what I am about to say is important enough to bring me out of hiding…. Colonel Billingsworth, you may be the most ignorant individual I have had the opportunity to read a comment from in a very long time, and that is saying something as I troll harder than I care to admit. Just because you have the anonymity of the internet behind you, doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole. I doubt the author has an editor, and had it not been for him, this information never would have revealed itself to you anyway. It’s not like the post was full of typos or you couldn’t understand the story that was being told. Grow up and show your fellow human respect, even if you don’t agree with him.

    Salutations my dear Colonel.

  • Jared Puente

    so i’m guessing you guys didn’t find any other famous swords then? :(

  • marshall_banana

    Sweet, but Gandalf and Frodo sailed *west* not east. Makes even more sense that way, anyways

    • Bandit Ref

      Noted above, thanks bro.

      • buzfeed sucks

        How do you guys get away with this shitty editorializing? You spelled throne “thrown” and yeah it’s fiction but just run a fucking google search before you post, jesus christ.

        • Bandit Ref

          You should capitalize “Jesus Christ.” I love when the folks who correct me make errors, it makes my insides tingle.

  • Razorhog

    I love you, internet. You bring the absolute best out in people.

  • penthesylea

    It would be really cool if Westeros was the White Shores. However, Tolkien created an entire world for his stories. Lord of the Rings and all of the other books referencing the lands of Middle Earth and beyond
    were all created to be a fantasy history of Great Britain. Tolkien loved history and languages and was upset because many other cultures have fantastical creatures and legends built within the history of their
    nation and Great Britain did not. So, at the suggestion of a friend, he decided to write one. Each race found within Tolkien’s world actually depicts a stereotype found within Great Britain during the medieval times (Dwarfs are Celtic, Elves are nobles, the people of Rohan are the British rural citizens… I don’t remember all of them off the top of my head, but that is the beginning of the list).
    All of that to say that no, Westeros is not the same as the White Shores. The place Gandalf and Frodo sailed to is also known as “The Undying Lands” and, with all of the dying that happens in the Game of Thrones, I feel confident saying that they are NOT the same place.

  • Shelby Scott

    I am so excited about this, like, too excited.

  • Gezzer50

    When you consider that there are only so many variations you can have on the theme of a sword hilt, and give them any sort of distinct look, I’m not surprised at the resemblance. So considering that, it’s more of a question of the canon surrounding both worlds, which essentially doesn’t show any connections between the two. It’s a nice fantasy, but nothing more than that.

  • Feresto

    gandalf the white i think you’ll find.. if we’re going logically.

    • Bandit Ref

      True, but when I think Gandalf I automatically think of Gandalf the Grey. Maybe it’s because of the Hobbit movies?

  • FunnyFaceKing

    The blue grip on Glamdring is perpendicular to the hilt. The brown gripping on the sword in the throne is at an angle to the hilt. Better luck next time.

    • AquaGoat

      Incorrect. Just look at the picture. The grip lines are not perpendicular to the hilt. The angle of the photo of Glamdring might make it look that way, but look at the top and bottom most grip lines. You can clearly see they are angled.

      • FunnyFaceKing

        ok, if you say so

  • Louis D

    They aren’t the same swords. Look carefully at the center of the hilt. The gemstone in the throne sword is much larger and takes up the entire bevel vs in Gandalf’s sword where the gemstone is at the apex.

    Then look at the curvature of the blade near the hilt. They are not the same.

  • jimmyt

    Sword of 1000 truths top left not pictured well

  • Kathrin Irgendwas

    the second one … it doesn´t look like robin hood´s sword … it IS … or at least a replica
    … btw. i could swear there is an orc-blade somewhere as well xD