Ozzie Smith's Opening Day Holiday Petition

Baseball legend Ozzie Smith is going to Washington. Ozzie has joined up with Budweiser to sponsor a petition to make opening day a national holiday in the United States. Now I know some might see this as just a clever piece of marketing, but it tugs at my heart strings.
First off, there is something special about opening day. I may be a bigger football fan than I am baseball fan but Opening Day still holds a special traditional America’s game magic that the NFL can’t quite replicate. No way I’m getting chill bumps for those pre-season games.
Secondly it’s Ozzie Smith. I know Bud is behind all this but they chose the right guy when they chose Ozzie. You can’t help but love Ozzie and you can’t help but get on board with him.
Watch this amazing video from Bud and Ozzie and I dare you not to get chill bumps.

You can sign the petition at budweiser.com/openingday, lets do this people.
Do you think Opening Day should be a holiday? Let us know in the comments below.

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