Charles Barkley fell asleep on Inside the NBA (Video)

You settle in for a nice evening of NBA action. It’s a Thursday night, the end of the week is near, and even if you’re not invested in either of the teams in action, you still think watching the game will be a nice way to pass the evening.

You don’t need a great game. You don’t even need that good a game. You just want something entertaining. You know that sinking feeling, then, when you know that the nationally scheduled game ends up being a dog and you’re forced to switch over to re-runs of Two and a Half Men or whatever the Pete Holmes Show is.

Normally the TV analysts and commentators are required to be company men and sell the excitement for those games. But last night on Inside the NBA Charles Barkley was right there with us, showing his disinterest in two games that were won by 24 and 29 points, respectively.

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