Experiments With A Red Hot Ball of Nickel

Sometimes science helps millions or furthers our understanding of the cosmos… and sometimes it’s just awesome. YouTuber carsandwater has been furthering mankind’s understanding of what happens when you put a red hot ball of nickle in stuff. This is the kind of scientific endeavor that speaks to me on a deep level.  Will these experiments with a RHBN cure cancer? Who can say really, but no matter what great knowledge humankind eventually learns through these daring exploits one thing is certain, this was so cool.
Starting with something simple, a RHBN in water.

Frozen water is ice, Frozen carbon dioxide is dry ice.

Sometimes when you use water you also use soap.

Vodka is a fun adult liquid.

What about something sticky like Elmer’s Glue?

Honey is both sticky and sugary.

Experiments are really only valid if they use Pop Rocks in some capacity.

For the glorious finale it’s the death of the world’s largest gummy bear.

What would you put a RHBN in? Let us know in the comments below.

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