How Google and Microsoft Killed Dual Boot By Killing the TD300

CESThe CES, Consumer Electronics Show, is a convention of technology and innovations that are geared to general consumers.  This gathering usually has all the latest gadgets and toys that are supposed to make our lives better.  If you are looking for the newest phones that could turn your house into George Jeston’s.  Many tech companies announce all kinds of new breakthroughs and innovations.
Asus, a lower cost hardware manufacturer, debuted an idea that actually had people excited.  Many companies have a tablet/laptop conversion, but Asus’s Transformer Book Duet (TD300) would go further than just a detachable screen.  The TD300 would come with dual OS’s, Windows for laptop uses and Android for the tablet.  This dual boot option is not new.  Many people have a PC with both Windows and Linux or some other option since the 90’s.  However, this option was typically reserved for the nerd class.  Why you ask? Because you would “buy” the hardware and OS separately then load the dual boot software.  Asus’s plan was to offer this straight out of the box.  This device would have a button that would allow the users to seamlessly switch between the 2 environments. Sounds good doesn’t it?  You have the best of both worlds.

Now we get to the Baby Ruth in the swimming pool.


Microsoft AND Google have both sent memo’s to Asus saying that moving forward with this product would jeopardize their licencing agreements with both companies.  Asus has virtually no swing in this relationship, so they are killing it.  Thanks jerks.  Is there a loser in this deal, besides us?  I say yes.


treeMicrosoft needs to take a hard look in the mirror.  No one likes Windows 8.  And you are forcing people to ditch XP.  You haven’t come up with a good update for Office in about 10 years.  The desktop market is cratering.  Laptops aren’t considered a growth market either.  Tablets and mobile devices not only have the buzz, but software developers are shoveling cash into apps for that arena as well.  What major application isn’t either in the cloud or heading that way.  Google may not be winning friends with their decision, but Microsoft needs to wake and think about what their role is going to be in the market in 10 years.  Your tablet is headed down the same path as the Zune.  And how did that work out for you?  I guess  the brown color was an unintended foreshadow.

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