Saturday Morning Cartoons: Bugs Bunny

Sometimes you just want some good ole comfort food. After a long day you need to eat your mom’s macaroni and cheese… or the closest thing to it you can manage. Maybe for you it isn’t comfort food, but that old sweatshirt that just fits perfectly. Putting on that sweatshirt immediately makes you relax and takes you back to when you got it.
For me Bugs is the cartoon version of comfort food. Bugs Bunny really isn’t my favorite cartoon character, I don’t even think he’s my favorite Looney Toon. Bugs is comfortable however, I know I’m going to enjoy the cartoon, I know it will make me laugh. I can just veg out and watch Bugs give Elmer or Yosemite a hard time.
Today’s Saturday Morning Cartoon is a best of Bugs collection, about an hour and a half’s worth. Gather round the kids and introduce them to your old friend.

Got a special old cartoon you want to see next Saturday? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to find it.

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