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Gendry is the bastard son of the now deceased King Robert Baratheon. He has little to no memory of his mother, and when he was a young boy, a mysterious and unnamed benefactor paid the renown blacksmith, Tobho Mott, double the price to take Gendry on as an apprentice in his shop. Gendry quickly took to the art of blacksmithing and became quite adept at it. He even made his own helm in the shape of a bull’s head.


When Lord Eddard Stark came to King’s Landing as the Hand of the King, he visited Tobho Mott’s shop, after reading the notes of his predecessor, Lord Jon  Arryn, who was likely Gendry’s mysterious benefactor. The moment Lord Eddard laid eyes on Gendry, he instantly recognized the boy as King Robert’s son. In fact, he notes that the bastard looked just like Robert did at that age. Lord Eddard noticed Gendry’s bull’s head helm, and offered to buy it, but Gendry turned him down.


Knowing that Gendry would be in danger from Queen Cersei, because of who his father was, Lord Eddard had Yoren of the Night’s Watch take the boy as a recruit for the brothers of the black. It was here that Gendry met Lord Eddard’s daughter Arya, and the two became fast friends. Later, Yoren’s group was attacked, and Gendry, along with Arya and others, were taken to Harenhal by soldiers fighting under Gregor Clegane. While there, Gendry’s skill as a blacksmith likely saved him, as the former blacksmith had been killed by Clegane’s men, and he was put to work.


Thanks to Arya’s friendship with Jaqen H’ghar, she and Gendry, along with Hotpie, were able to escape Harenhal. The group made for Riverrun where Arya was sure that her mother was staying, but were captured by the Brotherhood Without Banners led by Thoros of Myr and Lord Beric Dondarrion.


Here is where the HBO show and the book series diverge. In the book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, for which the HBO show Game of Thrones is based, Gendry decides to become part of the Brotherhood, and Lord Beric Dondarrion knights him Ser Gendry of the Hollow Hill. In the HBO show, Gendry is basically sold to the Red Priestess Melisandre, because of the royal blood that flows in his veins.


Where do you think Gendry’s story will go in season 4? Let me know in the comments below, and while you’re there, tell me who you would like to see as the next countdown character.

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