Selection Sunday 2014: What to Expect

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It's Selection Sunday.

Adam Hunger – USA Today Sports

On Sunday night the field for the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will be announced. That means the start of one of the most entertaining annual sporting events, not to mention the one that is close to universally watched and gambled upon in some fashion or another.

The announcement of the 64, er, 68 team field is highly anticipated and often contentious. At issue on any given year are the following questions:

  • Which bubble teams got in who shouldn’t have?
  • Which bubbles did not get it who should have?
  • Did the committee get the number one seeds right?
  • Who has the easiest road to glory?
  • Who’s overrated?
  • Who’s underrated?
  • Who got the raw deal?

Here’s the best part: every analyst will be sure to remind you that it is impossible to predict because such crazy things happen this time of year. But that won’t stop us from yelling at each other! Here’s what else to expect on Selection Sunday.

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