The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 'The Grove' Recap

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was pretty damn dark. I feel like at this point, Carol is just one big magnet for everything negative that is going to happen in the zombie apocalypse. She is basically The Walking Dead’s version of Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World.

We don’t always kill children, but when we do, Carol is involved.



Properly titled ‘The Grove’, last night’s episode took place almost entirely in a grove. That’s right, an entire episode dedicated to the zombie apocalypse’s version of the nuclear family, wandering around a pecan filled, deer frolicking, extra-crispy-zombies meandering around a freaking grove. Don’t get me wrong, it was a deeply sobering, and dark look into what our survivors are having to do just to get by in this world, but this entire season has gone past the point of stale and borderline boring.


Now, last night’s episode did have it’s redeeming qualities. You kind of had the feeling that we were going to lose some characters in this episode, because it had all the right tells. Long walks with life lessons being taught, extra long camera shots of each character’s face, fond reminiscing about a dead mother, and the always fun compare/contrast of the living vs the dead. Honestly, my money was on Carol, because at this point in the comic books, Carol is long dead. Throw in the fact that she has an awful secret to tell Tyreese, and all the signs pointed to Carol taking the long dirt nap…boy how I was wrong.


Mika was a sweet-innocent little girl, who would rather run, than face the fact of firing her gun, but when cornered, she could use that gun to kill a walker. Lizzie on the other hand, was just straight nuts. I’m talking gonzo-nuts. She could not see that the walkers were dead monsters trying to kill and eat her, rather she saw them as another form of people that still had some sort of humanity remaining in their rotting husks. It was Lizzie who was in fact feeding the live rats to the walkers at the fence in the prison. It was Lizzie who was “just having some fun” by flaying a rat, and nailing it to a board in the tombs, in the prison. It was Lizzie who murdered a family of sleeping, soft, cute baby bunnies. It was Lizzie who had no problem smothering baby Judith, almost killing her…yeah, the signs were definitely there.


In the end, there was really no choice left to Carol, she had to put Lizzie down. In the zombie apocalypse, there aren’t any hospitals to send your demented and troubled child to. With the fact that Lizzie felt absolutely no remorse for killing her sister, Carol and Tyreese could no longer trust her, and in that kind of world, trust is everything. Just look at the flowers Lizzie, just look at he flowers.


And then there were two. Two more episodes remain in this season; two more episodes to get it right.

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Oh, hey look you guys, it’s Abraham Ford! You may remember Abraham from all the excitement and talk about the second half of season 4. Yep…back when I was so excited, thinking that the writers would make up for the horribly stagnant episodes of the first eight. The amount of times we’ve seen Abraham and his band of merry mullets and hot chicks, can be summed with one accurate word: Bupkis. Even the one episode that he was supposed to be featured in, barely had him at all.

It’s time to up the ante, writers of The Walking Dead, because you are causing me to rapidly lose interest, and I’m probably one of your biggest fans. Season 4 needs to close on a high note, and that means lots of action, tons of walkers, and maybe a main character or two getting offed in the end. Please don’t disappoint me writers of The Walking Dead, because I love you. I really love you, and I want to make things work between us.




What did you guys think of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead? Let me know in the comments below.




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