The Aquarium At The T-Rex Cafe Bursts

The T-Rex Cafe is a dinosaur themed restraunt at Downtwon Disney in Orlando Florida. It’s owned by the same company that owns the Rainforest Cafe and has a similar hook. The Rainforest Cafe is a jungle filled with animatronic rainforest creatures, every few minutes it “rains” and the animals really come to life. In the T-Rex Cafe the inhabitants are dinosaurs and the the “rain” is a meteor shower.
The restaurant is separated into different rooms, one with a volcano theme, one with an ice theme, one with a jungle theme, and the one with the bar which is ocean themed. In that ocean themed bar there is a giant salt water aquarium, right behind the bar. Well you can’t hold back the might ocean forever and today this happened…

It really is like something out of a movie. Aquariums break all the time in movies, usually because they have just been shot or a bad guy was thrown into them. No word on if any bad guys were shot in front of this aquarium at Disney.
I really hope this doesn’t hurt the business of the T-Rex cafe, I love dinosaurs and over priced hamburgers. I guess it’s now scientific fact the the dinosaurs at the T-Rex cafe died in a great flood.

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