The Great St. Patrick's Day Earthquake

The place: The KTLA news room in Los Angeles, California. The time: 6:25 am. The situation: The Great St. Patrick’s Day Earthquake of 2014.


Never forget, we will rebuild. These are the words that come to mind, when a near cataclysmic event such as the earthquake that shook the KTLA newsroom in the wee hours of March 17th 2014. It’s hard to believe that just a mere 48 hours ago, the City of Angels was nearly brought to it’s knees, by a veritable seismic juggernaut, unleashed from the furious bowels of the earth.


It was 6:25 am on that fateful morning, and news anchors, Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson were heading into a commercial break, when sheer chaos ensued. An earthquake that recorded a gargantuan 4.4 on the Richter scale, shook the co-anchors to their very core…and the internet was watching. Personally, I’ve only ever been through one earthquake in my life, and while it was barely strong enough to knock over one of my lawn chairs, it did scare me. The difference is, there weren’t any cameras around, to record the look of terror that crossed my face, as I nearly soiled myself.


Thank you internet, you truly are giver of the best GIFs.

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