Game of Thrones: Coming to a Theater Near You?

Valar Morghulis

During the red carpet premiere of season 4 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin dropped a possibly huge newsworthy bomb on the throngs of his faithful, yet impatient followers. When talking about how long he thinks the series may go, GRRM said this:
“It all depends on how long the main series runs. Do we run for seven years? Do we run for eight? Do we run for ten? The books get bigger and bigger. It might need a feature to tie things up, something with a feature budget, like $100 million for two hours. Those dragons get real big, you know.”
Yep…that sound you hear, is a million metaphorical nerd-boners exploding through a million metaphorical nerd-pants. (Yes, I’m wearing nerd-pants). Personally, if George R. R. Martin in all of his god-like wisdom, wants to make a movie out of the already bad ass HBO television show, then I am all for it. It’s already blatantly obvious that with only 10 episodes a season, there will have to be probably 8 to 9 seasons to wrap up the entire series. Plus, think about how much more stuff the writers can get away within a movie…I take that back, HBO pretty much gets away with everything.


I like that GRRM is thinking in a movie frame of mind, just think about Dany’s dragons being the size of Smaug from The Hobbit. Also, the impending battles, once Dany does decide to cross the Narrow Sea to take the Iron Throne, will be massively epic on a big-movie budget.


What are your thoughts on the possibility of a Game of Thrones movie? Let me know in the comments below.




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