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The unsolved mystery that revolves around Benjen Stark, is one of the most talked about mysteries in the entire A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Benjen’s fate is the topic of a thousand theory threads all over the internet. If you love Game of Thrones, then chances are, you probably have some sort of idea, on what you think may have happened to Benjen Stark.


Benjen is the youngest brother of Lord Eddard Stark. He is described as a thin man, with sharp features and blue eyes. Much like his older brothers, Benjen loved his sister Lyanna, very much. As the youngest son of Lord Rickard Stark, Benjen knew that he would never inherit Winterfell over his older brothers, Brandon and Eddard, which is likely the reason he chose to take the black of the Night’s Watch. When Eddard rode out of Winterfell to join Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, Benjen stayed in the North, as there must always be a Stark in Winterfell. He stayed there, as acting lord, until Ned returned.


As a brother of the Night’s Watch, Benjen rose to the position of First Ranger. As first Ranger, he kept his brother Lord Eddard, apprised of the movements of the Wildlings, for it has always been the burden of the Starks, to ensure the Night’s Watch has the support it needs. Benjen returned to Winterfell, as an emissary of the Night’s Watch, when King Robert Baratheon came to the North, in order to  appoint Lord Eddard his Hand of the King.


While at Winterfell, his nephew Jon Snow, asked him about taking the black. Benjen counseled his nephew to wait a few years before making such a life changing decision, but Jon would not be dissuaded, and when Benjen left to return to the Wall, Jon went with him. Jon wanted to be a Ranger, like his uncle, but Benjen refused to show any deferential treatment to his nephew, even going as far as to remind Jon, that when a man joins the Night’s Watch, he leaves his familial ties and loyalties behind. Shortly after, Lord Commander Mormont sent Benjen and his Rangers, out to find Ser Waymar Royce, a Ranger who never returned from a ranging mission; Benjen and his Rangers never returned.



The most popular theory revolving around Benjen Stark, is that he is the enigmatic other, Cold Hands. Cold Hands is a wight who rides a large stag, and who’s hands are black, because the blood has pooled in his extremities. He is intelligent and benign towards Sam Tarly, whom he refers to as “Brother”, leading one to think that he was once a brother of the Night’s Watch. Once Bran, Hodor, and the Reeds make it to the other side of the Wall, Cold Hands meets them, and guides them to the three eyed raven. It is speculated that Cold Hands will be in season 4, and can be seen riding a horse, not a stag, in the end of the second trailer.


Cold Hands


I am very interested in hearing your theory on Benjen Stark. Do you think he is Cold Hands? Let me know in the comments below, and while you’re there, tell me who you would like to see as the next countdown character.


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