The New Girl, Life and Dating Tips From Nick Miller

One of my favorite shows currently on television is ‘New Girl.’ You may love it , you may hate it, or you may late’ it. (that’s not a latte love triangle but “love-hate” it)
New Girl is a 30 minute comedic tale of a group of friends, roommates, co-workers , and dreamers living it up in La-La Land California.
I can’t get enough of the characters, situational humor, strange alliteration, and of course the ever spontaneous Jessica Day. I have decided to have a weekly article on this show and maybe it will become the cup to your cake as well.
In good ole standard sitcom fashion every episode has a dilemma or situation to fix. The solution to this is of course that in good ole standard sitcom fashion we have at least one character with a skewed way to save the day.
Introducing Nick Miller, played by Jake Johnson.  Nick is a guy just trying to fight the good fight with a shot glass and a smile.

12 Life Lessons and Dating Tips from Nick Miller


Have an emergency situation? Always panic Moon-walk.


Treasure Hunts are better than Lotto tickets.


Admit your an idiot first at a holiday party.


Get drunk at the zoo, it makes the ladies chuckle.


Underoo’s are an understatement.


Give a girl a bag at Doritos. It will melt her heart.


Be brave. Do a sexy dance in public for your lady.


Become Ernest Hemingway. Woman love an adventurer.


Plaid Flannel


Being a bartender makes you a drink whisperer. Just don’t cross the bar. Don’t.


Eat the leftovers in the fridge. Free Food. And saves your lady from food poisoning.


Keep a $1 in your wallet. It’s cash money. You’ll go places.




Tune in next week to hear : more life & dating tips from the characters of New Girl.

Who is your favorite ‘New Girl’ character? Let me know in the comments below.


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