Courtney Love, Super Sleuth

We’ve all had moments of clarity, intuition , or shear pure luck in the ability to predict future situations. We always wonder what the future will hold so as a society we tend to indulge in guilty pleasures such as horoscopes , palm reading, magic 8balls, & genie’ in bottles.
Lucky for you, our wishes have been granted, we all now have our very own celebrity Psychic to the Stars. Hold on to your butts. It’s a good one.

Introducing Courtney Love: Psychic to the stars .  


She recently became interested/obsessed in the Malaysian plane that has gone missing , (too close to comfort Via Lost) twittering a picture of the ocean & exact coordinates where she believes it is to be found.




Courtney (apparently has been holding out on us) so just break on out of that Malibu Beach House, & help us out on these 6 questions.
Why did The Never-Ending Story have a sequel?
Why does The Tooth Fairy only visit kids? Adults need change too.
Where is Bigfoot ? And why doesn’t he wear shoes? Can we say Odor-Eaters.
Lost: why did the Smoke Monster kill the Pilot?
Where the ?!! Is Amelia Earhart?

Maybe Courtney can answer these questions , and also where the winning lotto ticket is, or why there are only coupons in Sunday’s Papers. Yes. Newspapers still exist.





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