Mercer Celebration and Robot Photobomb GIFs

When is it appropriate to do a celebratory dance? Is it when you save $15 on your insurance by switching to Geico? How about when you spawn camp that loud mouth douchecanoe kid on CoD Ghosts who just called your mom a whore? Perhaps dancing is accepted when you get upfront parking at Walmart, on a Sunday…during a snowstorm, and you get the last loaf of bread and last gallon of milk.

If you have established that is in fact appropriate to do a celebratory dance, it is important to choose the most apropos dance, so that maximum satisfaction is achieved. Do you do the Running Man? Perhaps the Sprinkler is more your speed? Maybe going out on a limb, and Twerking your celebration, is just what you need to do.

Today, a young man from Mercer, has shown the world that the celebration dance, and its accompanying choreography do indeed matter. Mercer beat Duke in the NCAA Tournament, which is definitely an appropriate time to shake your money maker. I mean, what better way to show your love and appreciation for the Big Dance, than with a dance of your own.



Not to be outdone in the celebration dance party, another Mercer player gleefully photobombs his coach, with an expertly done Robot. It truly is Magnificent to behold. Thank you Mercer bros, for showing us that celebration dances are indeed, alive and well in the 2014 NCAA Tournament.


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