Could You Have Made Last Week's Miracle Wheel of Fortune Solve?

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So by now I’m sure most of you have seen the video of the amazing wheel of fortune solve – if not, Razor did a little write-up of it and the entire video can be seen HERE.


I just saw it this morning and was thoroughly impressed (Yes, I realize I’m late to the party). Not only did he have only TWO letters to work with, he guesses the correct answer ON THE FIRST TRY. Not only does he get 45K he instantaneously made Wheel of Fortune relevant again, (at least for the next 20 minutes) which hasn’t happened since Vanna White was pregnant.


Then, as if the money, fame, glory and absolute power weren’t enough, Emil (the contestant) gets frisked by Pat Sajak himself. Let me repeat, he GETS A PAT DOWN FROM PAT!  How many people, other than cheap prostitutes, can say they’ve had that privilege?


Anyway, I started to think about how I might have solved the same puzzle, because lets be honest, when’s the last time you said the words “Baby Buggy?” It was probably the 3rd grade when you learned the tongue twister, “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper.”


So I put together a few of my guesses and have posted them here for your enjoyment.  What would your guess have been?




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