Pepsi Bus Shelter Prank

Don’t get me wrong, I think this is very cool… I am concerned for how it might affect the elderly however.
Pepsi in a bit of viral marketing made some modifications to a bus shelter in London. The shelter looks like it’s made of glass but in reality one of the side walls is a TV projecting video from a camera on the other side. The video then has special effects added to it to give the bus shelter patron the impression that what they are seeing is what’s happening on the other side. Sometimes the victim sees an alien invasion, sometimes they see a meteor crashing on the sidewalk.
It appears that most of the marks figured out the gag rather quickly; which is understandable because what was happening was beyond belief. I worry about the old folks though. The only people who look genuinely confused and scared are the older folks in the video.
My grandparents are scared of Facebook so God only knows what would happen if they saw this. I mean most older folks already think the world is coming to an end, showing them their fears realized might be too much. I’m sure if Pepsi got any footage of a grandmother screaming and clutching her chest they edited it out.

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