Arkansas Fan Expertly Flips the Double Bird

Last night, the Arkansas Razorbacks traveled to California, to take in the Golden Bears in the second round of the NIT. The game was over before the first TV timeout, a fact that had many Razorback fans (myself included), enraged. Enter the Double-Bird-Flip-Bro:

Among the many, many things that went wrong with the razorback’s loss last night, was the god-awful announcing from color analyst, Bill Walton. Seriously you guys, there is not a worse announcer on the entire planet than Bill Walton. Not only did Bill include Scotty Pippen in his favorite things to come out of the University of Arkansas (Pippen went to UCA not the UofA), but he constantly mumbled on and on about his love for the state of California, and his dogs…excellent basketball commentating material, yes?

Anyway, before halftime, the camera panned around the crowd, and surprisingly found a small contingent of Arkansas fans in attendance, when up pops a dude wearing a headband and a Razorback jersey, and double flipping the bird in Walton’s direction. As an Arkansas fan, I can only hope that dude was indeed flipping the bird, proudly for everyone to see, and adding a shimmy-shake which made it even more awesome, at Bill Walton.



Thank you Harry Potter Razorback fan, you were the lone bright-spot in a sea of darkness, last night. Razorback Nation salutes you.

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