Finnish Dude Tricks a Bunch of Dogs - Cute Overload

Finnish magician, Jose Ahonen apparently loves to work his special kind of magic on unsuspecting dogs. That’s cool Finland, in MURICA the only magic we believe in is the magic of our lord and savior Oprah Winfrey. Seriously, have you ever been to one of her live shows? Everybody in the audience gets a new car or house or wife or something along those lines. Anyway, back to Finland’s version of David Blaine…

This dude Jose Ahonen, made a video of him fooling a bunch of dogs into to thinking that their treats have magically disappeared before their very eyes. I tried this once with my cat, and now I have 9 fingers instead of 10. In all seriousness, this video is pretty funny, because of the dogs’ reactions, and because they all have really cool Finish names. Enjoy!


The only thing that would make this video any better, is if Doge would have made an appearance.

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