Game of Thrones - House of Cards Mashup: House of Thrones

My wife and I recently powered through the first 2 seasons of House of Cards. We intended to space the 2 seasons out over 2 weeks, but once we started, it took us 2 days. This show is seriously and fantastically badass! Kevin Spacey is a masterful actor and just completely dominates the show, as Frank Underwood. We are already huge Game of Thrones fans, and often go back and watch a random episode, just for fun.
Ironically, while my wife and I watched House of Cards, I made several comments that Frank Underwood would be the perfect player in Game of Thrones. Who else better to take out the scheming Lannisters, or out-maneuver Little Finger and Varys, than the man who went from House Majority Whip, to President of the United States of America in just 2 seasons? Well, now thanks to QuiznosToaster and Toasty.TV we don’t have to wonder anymore. This video is so spot-on awesome, that you’ll want to watch it over and over. Enjoy!


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