Century 21 Takes over YouTube with PUPPIES

Today, Century 21 has launched what could be, quite possibly, the greatest marketing campaign of our generation. As part of a  roll-out for their new global  website, Century 21 is inviting potential homeowners to “Fall in puppy love with their dream home”. Honestly, I just keep clicking the All Puppy YouTube Home Page Link, just to watch the puppies, and I’m not even looking to buy a new house. There are six different cameras to look at, whilst you squee in sheer delight. Seriously though, whomever is responsible for this marketing campaign, is a genius and should be given the keys to their own dream home…in a cloud, with the sun shining, and puppies frolicking, and OH MY GOD I CAN’T TAKE IT I MUST WATCH THE PUPPIES SQUEEEEEE.



What do you think? Would you buy a house from Century 21, based on this adorable puppy bombardment? Because I totally would. Let me know in the comments below.

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