The Tonight Show: Kevin Bacon's Footloose Entrance

I am sure you have already watched the video of Kevin Bacon explaining the 80’s to Millennials. He is out with a new guaranteed viral video with some help from Jimmy Fallon. He’s recreated scenes he made famous in the original movie Footloose. Kevin and Jimmy did not disappoint. He has managed to poke fun at the movie and himself without it coming off as forced. For most of us who are members of the over 30 crowd, we remember Kevin Bacon being in comedy movies like Animal House and Tremors but since the 90’s he has found great success doing more dramatic movies. His hit TV show, The Following, on Fox is real dark so it’s nice to see him act incredibly silly. Who knew Kevin could still pull off the sweet 80’s dance moves and tank top. This almost makes up for him being in the movie Beauty Shop and R.I.P.D. I would like to thank Jimmy for getting the Kenny Loggins song Footloose stuck in my head all day. Pull up a chair and enjoy the best 4 minute entrance in Tonight Show history. Hope we see more of this type of stuff from Kevin and Jimmy.




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