A Song of Ice and Fire, Winds of Winter New Chapter: Mercy

What’s this? George R R Marin is actually actively working on Winds of Winter, and not  out doing whirl-wind tours, talk shows, and writing other things besides the sequel to A Dance with Dragons? Well, GRRM himself has given all of Nerdom proof of his hard-work, by releasing yet another chapter in the upcoming 6th installment in the A Song of Ice and Fire series titled, Mercy. You can read the chapter, straight from his website here, George R. R. Martin.

I wont spoil anything for you, so go and read the chapter for yourself but I  can tell that he is getting pretty serious about finishing this book. Just recently, he just turned down a cameo in the upcoming season 4 of Game of Thrones, so that he could dedicate his time to Winds of Winter. This coming off of a Tyrion Lanister PoV chapter, which he released last week. Oh, George…you are starting to spoil us. Oh and thanks LuLu for bringing this to my attention!



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