The Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon Impersonates Bill Cosby In Front of Bill Cosby

Jimmy Fallon and Bill Cosby have a history of doing Cosby impressions and dance move competitions when Cosby comes on his shows. Well last night was Cosby’s first visit to the Tonight Show and they didn’t disappoint.

Bill played a bit wounded by Jimmy’s impression but it was all an act. Then bizarrely the two ended up standing in front of Jimmy’s desk for the better part of the interview. I think they were just having too much fun and forgot to sit down.

I think as comedians Cosby and Fallon probably have a lot in common since they both have a rare happy style of comedy. You can tell they enjoy what they are doing and are cracking themselves up a long the way. It’s this joy and happiness in their comedy that makes it so appealing to people and in a more comfortable way than other comedians. It’s another reason that Fallon is the perfect host for the Tonight Show.

Here’s Jimmy doing his best Bill Cosby for Bill Cosby:

Do you think Bill was really upset about that? Let me know in the comments below… but I really doubt he was.


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