Corey Feldman's Duh

So…yeah. Corey Feldman just can’t go quietly into that good night, no, he has to make a video that makes all the facepalms in the world inadequate, in dealing with this ridiculousness. DUH which supposedly stands for Done Under a Halo, which I guess makes sense, since the video has some strippers/porn stars/hookers pretending to be angels, which of course is in no way trashy, not at all.


I don’t know really understand what’s really going on here, you guys. Is Corey Feldman supposed to be Michael Jackson or Chris Angel? Is he back on drugs? Also, the whole gravel voiced, Christian Bale as Batman voice, thing isn’t really working for me. I just keep yelling at the computer screen for him to clear his throat…dude probably just had a cold or something.


Anyway, his YouTube video is up to around 40,000 views, which I guess that’s a good thing for Corey, because there’s no such thing as bad press. Although, if you look at the comment section on his video, it is filled with people like me, who are ecstatic at having something to have a good laugh.

What are your thoughts on Corey Feldman’s DUH? Let me know in the comments below.

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