The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap



Welp…it’s over, back to wandering the wasteland of the internet, grasping for any and all news of the next season. The Walking Dead has been a fickle lover, surprising us with gifts of startling reveals and character deaths, all the while, disappointing us with boring story arc and stagnant character development. There is no doubt, that for me, this season has been quite sub-par.
Last night’s episode centered around Terminus, and what ominous darkness lurked within its shadowy rooms. However, before we got to really get a good look at Terminus, the writers took us through some pretty dark and terrifying subplot. Daryl was finally reunited with Rick, Michonne, and Carl, but that reunion came at a hefty price.  As an avid reader of The Walking Dead comics, I had a good idea of who the gang of white trash scumbags that took Daryl in were, and though I knew what was going to happen when they caught up to Rick, I don’t think I was actually prepared to see that scene played out on my television screen.


Anytime a kid is exposed to potential sexual assault, of any nature, things get really uncomfortable. And, although I knew what was going to happen, it still made me sick, to see the fat marauder tackle Carl, and roll him over on to his stomach. The entire scene, I kept yelling at the screen for Rick to bite out Joe’s throat, just like he did in the comics, because I knew that once he did, Carl would be saved and the Marauders would get what they deserved.
A few things really annoyed me about this episode. In the flashbacks, Herschel is the one who councils Rick to put down his gun, and pick up the gardening tools. I have a major problem with this, because in the zombie apocalypse, why would you EVER put down your gun? This whole season, I have been furious with what I perceived was a weak incarnation of the Rick character, when in fact, I should have been livid with Herschel. Also, how many times is Carl going to run off, without his dad to protect him, just because he heard a noise?





Finally, we get to Terminus. I’m glad that Rick used his cop hyper-awareness to figure out that the people at Terminus (the Hunters), were not on the up and up. Although, why keep running out of the cover and relative safety of a room to which you could control access to the door? Why run out in the open, when one of your group has a freaking crossbow against people on roofs with fully automatic weapons? These are the questions that bothered me all season, so I’m not really going to continue to beat this dead horse. Lastly, our prison group is finally back together, sans Carol, Tyreese, and lil ass-kicker, and Rick delivers the line so famously made in the comic books, but dumbed-down for kid friendly TV.


“They are going to feel pretty stupid when they realize they’re screwing with the wrong people”



What are your thoughts on last night’s season four finale of The Walking Dead? What would you like to see in season five? Let me know in the comments below.


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