Darth Vader Runs for President of Ukraine


The Dark Lord of the Sith is now running for President of Ukraine, and is representing the Ukraine’s Internet Party. In his speech he mentioned making an “Empire out of the Republic”, which of course, is just so Vader. Personally I would vote for him, because I am in favor of putting convicted murderers to death by Force Choke. Also, how awesome would it be, if Putin faced off against Vader in an ultimate battle of evil dark lords? My money is on Vader, I mean, you saw what he did to  Admiral Motti.


Apparently this isn’t the first time Lord Vader has made his presence known on the Ukrainian political scene, as he and his Stormtroopers marched on the Odessa City Hall, and declared himself the mayor…or Galactic Emperor of Odessa, in Star Wars speak. There are even reports that the Vader demanded that the city give him land, so that he could land his spaceship. Of course, the size of the land would greatly vary, depending on which ship Lord Vader was referring. As you may well know, the TIE Advanced x1 is much smaller than let’s say, an Imperial Class Super Star Destroyer.

The Ukraine has got the right idea here, you guys. Having a political party represented by the internet, is quite simply a fantastically-terrifying idea. I can imagine if Murica got on board with having an Internet Party, the sheer amount of internet superstars that would line up to run for office, would quite frankly be overwhelming.

Who do you think would win the ticket for the Internet Party in the USA? Would you vote for them? Let me know in the comments below.

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