How I Met Your Mother, How It Could Not Have Been Worse

First let me just be clear that if you haven’t watched last night’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother then this article contains major spoilers.    So if you don’t want the terrible terrible awful how could this have been worse ending to be spoiled for you, READ NO FURTHER.
First let’s talk about why this ending was so bad.   This season was not HIMYM’s best, we all know that.  The whole season was spent at Barney and Robin’s wedding.  We rarely saw the gang all together and we hardly ever saw them at MacLaren’s.  So the parts of the show that made us love the show were pretty much absent from the entire last season of the show.  Great plan writers!
We all groaned a little when the Barney and Robin storyline was revived and this course was set, but it made sense.  Marshall and Lilly are going to live happily ever after, and Ted and the mother are going to live happily ever after, so Barney and Robin made sense.  Afterall Barney and Robin’s life goals are similar and it works.
We saw Barney grow up and put away his playbook ways to settle down with Robin.  We saw Robin come to terms with her fear of commitment for Barney.  We saw Ted and Robin FINALLY close the book on Ted and Robin… Then the ending threw away literally everything that happened in the last two seasons. Barney and Robin get a divorce, the mother dies, and Ted chases after Robin again.  So you could flash back to two seasons ago and be just fine, nothing in between matters at all.  You suffered through those last two crappy seasons for absolutely nothing.
I understand the concept of a twist ending and not giving the audience what they want… IF YOU ARE GEORGE R.R. MARTIN.  This however isn’t Game of Thrones, it’s a lighthearted sitcom about a guy in search of love.  We waited 9 years to see this guy find love and… OOPS turns out it doesn’t really happen.
The Seinfeld ending was crap because it just didn’t live up to the rest of the series in humor.  The ending of Roseanne was terrible because it was the “dream” ending.  This ending was so bad it’s on par with the ending of ALF.
ALF ended when the military, who had been chasing him all series, finally caught him and dissected him.  So the whole series was pointless.  How I Met Your Mother has a similar ending, hey guess what Ted ends up with that girl from season one and loses the love of his life! ZING!
I’m sure the writers of How I Met Your Mother are patting themselves on the back for getting us all caught in a twist.  Oh boy did you guys create some great “art.”  The problem is that this wasn’t LOST and we weren’t looking for a twist, we wanted our story to end and get tied up.  That’s why we put up with your crap for two bad seasons.
For me at least the show is now tainted, I can never go back and watch season one without thinking about this crappy ending.  Well done writers, well done.


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