Nick Saban Behind New NCAA Rule Change

Nick Saban is pushing the NCAA rules committee to make a substantial change to the recruitment of college athletes. Saban believes that the current rules are unfair to the student athletes and are limiting what they get out of their college experience.

The new rule would allow players to be recruited between each season of their college career. If they signed a letter of intent by July 1 they would be allowed to join their new team with no penalties.

“I just want whats best for the students, a’ight. Limiting their choices isn’t good for them, a’ight,” said Saban.

Some players are already showing an interest in the new rule. “I’m definitely interested in it. I mean lets say you’re a really good quarterback, but your team has a terrible God awful Urban Meyer defense? I think it’s only fair to let you go to a school where you stand some chance of winning a championship or beating Michigan State,” said Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller.

Some say that Saban’s real motivation behind this rule change is his own teams lack of a quarterback. Alabama is thought to be trying out several options at quarterback during its spring practices. The most talked about option is of course number 10 listed only as “Air Bud.”

“Nick Saban is an evil oversinging goblin from Mars. He isn’t doing this for the kids, he probably just wants to sacrifice them like an Aztec,” commented the totally unbiased sports editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “I’m pretty sure Nick Saban was behind the Holocaust, I’m still working on that story,” he added.

Some other college players who say they might take advantage of such a rule are University of Florida Quarterback Jeff Driskel who Nick Saban is recruiting as a defensive end and the entire football team of the University of Arkansas.

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