Game of Thrones: Screen Junkies - Honest Trailer

Yesterday, one of my favorite YouTube channels posted their Game of Thrones – Honest Trailer. It’s got all you need to know on what happened in seasons 1-3 of Game of Thrones, plus bewwwbz. Enjoy!


HBO should just use this trailer for everything now, because I can’t stop watching. This is exactly how I would describe Game of Thrones to my non-nerd friends.

1. George R. R. Martin is in fact a literary serial killer.

2. Everyone close to Sean Bean, including Sean Bean dies.

3. Ice Zombies that no one seems to care about.

4. Bewwwbz

5. Carl Drago

6. Dragons

7. Jon Snow is indeed a mopy bastard, who doesn’t know anything.

8. Incest

9. Everything is the Thing of Nouns. No seriously, I never realized how many instances this is true.


11. Joffrey is in fact Justin Bieber

12. Tons of monologue with porn sprinkled in…or is it the other way around?

13. How did I not think to call Jorah Mormont, Lord Friend Zone?

14. More beeeeewbz

15. R+L=J

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