The New Girl: Coach's Workout Tips

One of my favorite shows currently on the TV : New Girl.  You either love it , hate it, or late’ it , not to confused with the coffee latte (love-hate it).  New Girl tells the 30 minute comedic tale of a group of friends, roommates, co-workers , & dreamers living it up in lala land California.

I just can’t get enough of the characters, situational humor, strange word combos, and of course the every spontaneous Jessica Day. I have decided to have a weekly article on this show, and maybe it will become the cup to your cake as well.  In good standard sitcom fashion every episode has a dilemma or situation to fix.  Also in good standard sitcom fashion we have at least one character with a skewed crazy way to save the day.

Introducing Coach, (Apparently his real name is Ernie, but then I just wanna ask where Bert is, so we’ll just call him coach).  A guy just trying to watch Basketball with a jumpsuit & a beer.



Coach’s Spring-Break Workout Plan:


Always wear a jumpsuit. No questions ask.

If you workout, the ladies will dig you.

Focus on the Abs, they can become your palace.

Need a break? Watch a basketball game.

Yell at random people at the gym, it releases the good endorphins… or something.

Best gym accessory ? The whistle.

Sweat. Sweat. Sweat. Drink a beer, for hydration.

Who needs weights. Lift a basketball.

Jumping Jacks, your frenemy.

Celebrate a good workout. Find a couch, drink a beer, hang with friends, watch a basketball game, yell… repeat.



Tune in next week to hear more life tips from the the characters of The New Girl.

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